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Aluminum 15 Gal. Tip Tank Description




First, of course, it was necessary to establish the structural integrity of the aircraft itself, and mainly the wing.  The now OSBORNE Wing Tip Tanks were installed and static loads applied to the tanks to test the wing for resistance and strength in bending.  On this score, successful static tests were conducted, using 40% more weight than required by FAA.  Next, the aircraft was dropped, measuring with FAA equipment, the forces that developed in the landing gear and the wing tip.  In addition, complicated vibrations tests were performed by FAA Flight Test engineers in which all types of maneuvers were involved. 


The OSBORNE tank is streamlined and smooth, with a flush filler well and drain.  By means of drop hammer dies, the shells are formed of heat treated aluminum which is hardened to resist dents and distortion.  The tank is assembled with flush welds, eliminating any raw edges or flanges protruding into the line of flight.  The workmanship is of the highest quality, with production being under is such that Princeton University Research Center chose our tank (formerly Brittain Industries) for external fuel cells on a “ground effect” vehicle that was under development.