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Aluminum 20 Gal. Tip Tank Features




Lighting is not an extra, it is included in the Tip Tank Kit. The navigation and strobe lights are pre-installed under a flush Plexiglas lens in the nose of the Tip Tank. The lighting harness is pre-wired and ready for lighting system connections.








Fuel Transmitter/s have always been used in our Tip Tank (auxiliary) fuel tank systems. Real time Pilot /system information is of the most importance, especially fuel quantity. Our Fuel Transmitter/s (sending units) are matched and calibrated to the Tip Tank system fuel quantity indicator (gage).

Fuel Quantity Indicator/s: The standard installation kit provides a single quantity indicator/s (gage), accommodating a standard 2 ¼” instrument hole, internally lit, and uses a placarded Tip Tank selector switch for left hand and right hand Tip Tank fuel quantity viewing. This indicator/s can also be used separately for each Tip Tank, eliminating the Tip Tank quantity selector switch.



Dual Fuel Quantity Indicator NOW AVAILABLE for piston Bonanzas with Tip Tank fuel systems. This “state of the art” dual fuel quantity indicator (gage) is internally lit, including a full (F) and empty (E) needle indicator adjustments. This indicator does not require a Tip Tank quantity selector switch (That is supplied in our standard kits). It also accommodates a standard 2 ¼” instrument hole.





Quick Drain Valve is located at the bottom (skid area) of the Tip Tank. This is the original basic designed valve that has been used and proven. Its flush concealed design eliminates drag and will withstand a skid or dragging (like a gear up or gear collapse) at the contact point. Unlike other aviation quick drain valves, this valve can not be knocked off from an impact. A finger strainer is also part of the quick drain valve assembly. This finger strainer surrounds the tanks' suction line (pick-up tube).


Fillerwell Door covers a recessed area that provides clearance for the filler (fuel) cap. This door is flush fitted to the tank and is spring loaded to auto open when the streamlined wing type Dzus fastener is turned. Locking mechanisms are available for security insurance.






Fuel Cap is an expandable rubber (thermos type) cap, using a thumb lever/ cam type mechanism, expanding the rubber. This is the same principle used in earlier main tank Bonanza models.

Vent Line is at the exterior of the tank approximately 8” below and aft of the leading edge on the under side of the tank out of sight and water resistant.

Suction Line or pick-up tube (3/8” aluminum) delivers fuel from the Tip Tank into the plumbing system. This design allows Tip Tank fuel to be virtually all usable.