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Aluminum 20 Gal. Tip Tank Description



Twenty (US) gallons each, all aluminum construction. Salient features of the installation are simplicity of the mounting of the tank which requires no rework of the wing or control surfaces whatsoever. The Tip Tank aluminum mounting flange (wing attach point) used exceeds .060” in thickness.

The aluminum material guards against finish paint color fade and shade changes. Waviness (humps) between attach mounting screw points will never occur, even long after installation. With aluminum construction the mounting flange makes a quality transition from the Tip Tank to the wing, fitting like a glove.

Two lateral holes are predrilled for installation ease and convenience. But more importantly this assures a parallel fit and alignment to the centerline of the airplane. These predrilled mounting holes simplify mounting and help the drilling of remaining mounting flange holes. Thus saving flange mounting hole layout time. Low profile washer head screws are provided, however the thickness of this aluminum mounting flange will accept, and is FAA approved for flush head type screws.

No rework or modifications of the factory wingtip nutplates are necessary. The Tip Tank mounting installation utilizes the existing nutplates.

When installing a Tip Tank kit, control surfaces in particular the ailerons are not required to be removed and rebalanced. As some other airframe modifications require.

A series of 10 each strength stiffeners (ribs) are welded to the skin of each tank. They also double as baffles.

Fuel filters are provided in the Fuel System(s) (excluding existing factory filters), only one filter is used in replacing the factory selector valve with the 5 way valve (direct feed system), complementing the aluminum design.

No electrical grounding of the Tip Tank is required. This is because the Tip Tank is aluminum, the same as the Beechcraft factory Wing Tip Fairings.

Increase in wing span after Tip Tank installation is negligible; due to the tanks replacing the factory wing tip fairing width dimension.