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Bonanza Tip Tank Systems Overview


Originally Brittain Industries, Inc. This company was formed in the early 1950s and has filled a need in the general aviation marketplace for a reliable, high performance Auxiliary Fuel System(s) that is both installer and pilot friendly. Our realm of knowledge over the years has evolved from designing aluminum Tip Tanks for North American Aircraft, Ryan and certain Beechcraft Military Models.

J.L. OSBORNE offers the Tip Tank Transfer System (Electric) an alternate solution to Auxiliary Fuel management. Managing the Tip Tank Transfer System is dependable, rugged, and easy to use; like the proven Direct Feed System (Selector Valve) will enhance VFR and IFR flying. Whether your airplane is used in daily business applications or only on the weekends for pleasure, there are now two systems to choose from.

OSBORNE Tip Tank Systems can be installed with complete confidence in the knowledge that your purchase is backed by a legacy of over 45 years of operational reliability. A Five Star Rated customer satisfaction and a comprehensive warranty. Just ask an Tip Tank System Owner or Installer.

VFR and IFR flight have seen simpler times. Before TCA’s, ARSA’s, and the proliferation of restricted airspace, VFR flying was often no more complicated than navigating by dead reckoning. A now recently implemented airspace “class” designation.

Unfortunately, simplicity is no longer the case. Today’s complex airspace environment has turned flying into a serious business and serious flying requires proper fuel management and adequate fuel reserves. Auxiliary Fuel System(s) give you the comfort of dependability, flight after flight, year after year.

The installation of Auxiliary Wing Tip Tanks opens a totally new realm of flying. No more sweating out fuel stops, longer engine life due to fewer take offs and landings. Tip Tanks are known the world over for excellence. Designed and built with quality furthermost in mind. Utilizing all aluminum construction assures you of greater longevity. Now in service for over 50 years. Offering a complete Tip Tank installation kit including two styles of fuel quantity gages, recessed navigation, and wing tip strobe lights, flush gas well doors and concealed fuel quick drains add performance and beauty to your craft. Additionally an important gross weight increase allowance, aerodynamic efficient and increase stability.