Welcome to J.L. OSBORNE INC.




Originally Brittain Industries Inc. was formed in the early 1950’s and has filled a need in the general aviation marketplace for a reliable, high performance Auxiliary Fuel Systems; that are both installer and pilot friendly.

Our realm of knowledge has evolved for over 50 years. From designing aluminum Tip Tanks for aircraft manufactured by North American, Ryan, Beechcraft and certain Beechcraft Military Models. We also supplied the Beechcraft Corporation with Tip Tank Systems for it’s order-to-build assembly line Bonanzas.

Osborne Tank & Supply purchased the Tip Tank manufacturing line of Brittain Industries in 1969. J. L. OSBORNE Incorporated then purchased the Tip Tank portion from Osborne Tank & Supply in 1986.

J. L. OSBORNE Incorporated takes pride in its innovated accomplishments; from an OEM position with Beechcraft and Piper Aircraft, to other OSBORNE aviation designs including the Tradewind Turbine A36 turbine powered conversion, day viewing the Wingleted Tip Tank fuel system. This being manufactured exclusively by OSBORNE, utilizing “State of the Art” components and system engineering.

OSBORNE Tip Tanks are made in the U.S.A. under a Federal Aviation Agency Authorization.

We also have available other related component systems available that relate to our product lines. They primarily include: Fuel flow metering, engine monitoring and anti-collision lighting systems respectfully.


Our Goals:

  • Operate and utilize proven methods for the highest performance, accountability and results.
  • Maintain Client/Customer communications.  Responsible service and product support commitment.
  •  Provide premier technology, system manufacturing, including research and development and accommodating the customers needs for present and future.